New checklist urges councils to move EV infrastructure off street

BlockingPavementIn the rush to foster demand for electric vehicles (EV), London is letting bulky EV charging points (EVCPs) clutter its footways. These installations take up scarce space and make life more difficult for pedestrians, especially those with visual impairments, wheelchair users, and parents and carers pushing buggies.

These installations are also inconsistent with the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy that requires a major modal shift to walking, cycling and public transport by reducing the use of motor vehicles, creating Healthy Streets, improving public realm and reallocating space for more efficient, active travel modes. Placing EV infrastructure on pavements is a move in the opposite direction.

London Living Streets is calling on councils to set out a policy for slow and rapid EV charging infrastructure, as a number have already done. The policy should follow the EV Infrastructure Checklist (available here) that prioritises EVCP locations for slow and rapid charging in the following order: Continue reading “New checklist urges councils to move EV infrastructure off street”

Streetscapes: new book on how to design and deliver great streets

page 23 streetscapes

You’ve been here before. You are trying to explain the subtleties of a local walking strategy and its application to real place making and improvements to your own street. Across the table the official traffic experts just doesn’t get it. Totally impossible. Won’t work. Against the Regs. What you need is a decent big road. Built to proper standards. The result? No place-making.

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Deadlines approach for London borough transport consultations: respond now!


The deadline for a number of transport consultations is approaching and we urge you to respond. Some are fantastic and really need our support. Remember motoring groups will be responding in numbers to block improvements for pedestrians.

The most pressing deadlines are for:

Oxford Street District. Closes this Sunday, 16 December 2018

Access here: Oxford Street District Consultation for the Draft Place Strategy and Delivery Plan.

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150 years old and the traffic signal finally finds time for walkers

HIghStKenThe world’s first traffic light was installed 150 years ago this week. It went up outside the Houses of Parliament following a large number of deaths on London’s horse, cart and omnibus-filled streets. That gas-powered signal — both dangerous and mostly ignored — soon went out of action and wasn’t replaced by electric versions until the 1920s. 

Since then traffic lights have become ubiquitous and a vital feature of our car-dominated transport networks. Until now they have also been designed to keep motor traffic moving, not people walking. 

To mark this 150-year anniversary, London Living Streets is revealing its work with Transport for London (TfL) to improve how signalised crossings work for those on foot. Continue reading “150 years old and the traffic signal finally finds time for walkers”