Myth: improvements for walkers and cyclists only help the middle classes

RidleyRoadWalking is cheap and requires no special skills or equipment. As the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy points out, it’s the one activity that happens in London regardless of gender, income, ethnicity or employment.

Transport for London statistics show that as household income rises, car ownership rises. In some of London’s poorest boroughs the vast majority do not have access to a car. That’s 74% of adults in Islington; 67% in Tower Hamlets and 65% in Hackney.

People with no access to a car tend to travel less further and walk and take the bus more, according to Department of Transport statistics.

It is, therefore, a matter of social justice to design public space so it is safe and accessible for all its users and not just those who own cars.

Image: Flickr, Martin Addison

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