About Us

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Making London a liveable city, a walking city, an inclusive city, a healthy city and a safer city

London Living Streets is the campaigning arm in London of Living Streets, the national charity for everyday walking. We formed in 2016 to give walking campaigners across the capital a single voice.

The group is dedicated to making London one of the world’s best cities for walking and enjoying streets and public spaces — a city that is genuinely inclusive of all its residents, workers and visitors and not just designed for car users.

We campaign and develop policy for:

  • healthy neighbourhoods that rethink the domination of the car in order to bring life back to our residential streets and encourage more active lifestyles;
  • healthy streets and town centres across London that attract more people, reduce reliance on driving and encourage active travel;
  • junctions and crossings that improve the experience and safety of pedestrians regardless of age or disability;
  • a Central London Walking Network that prioritises and links the capital’s ancient street network for walking; and
  • a fair system of road user charging across London that reflects the real costs of driving and reduces traffic volumes.

We hold regular public meetings with guest speakers and organise walkabouts of interesting, inspiring projects.

Our members take part in TfL working groups and meetings and we work closely with like-minded organisations including London Cycling Campaign, the London Ramblers and the Urban Design Group.

We are all volunteers and include members of local Living Streets borough groups and individuals interested in these issues. We meet every other month.

Everyone interested in getting involved is most welcome, so please get in touch!

More detail can be found in our Manifesto and  Terms of Reference. Minutes of past meetings and write-ups of our walkabouts are also available here.

The London Living Streets leaflet can also be downloaded here and here.  If you want physical copies, free of charge, please contact us.

Chair: Jeremy Leach
Vice-chairs: David Harrison, Peter Hartley, Emma Griffin, Robert Molteno and Susie Morrow
Secretary: Michael Diamond
Web manager: Mike Grahn
Twitter manager: Susie Morrow
Treasurer: Robert Molteno

Campaign Coordinators

Low-traffic neighbourhoods: David Harrison and Robert Molteno
Kerbside space (including parklets and EV infrastructure): Brenda Puech and Emma Griffin
Central London Walking Network: David Harrison, Dave Irwin and Emma Griffin
Junctions and crossings: Brenda Puech and Michael Grahn
20s Plenty: Jeremy Leach
Vision Zero: Jeremy Leach
Road pricing: Robert Molteno

London Living Streets website

Emma Griffin edits this London Living Streets website. She is a journalist, blogger and campaigner. Her blog is at intricateminglings.com

London Living Streets is hugely grateful to Terry Brown who volunteered to build this site for us.
Main image: Flickr, Garry Knight 

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