Watch our video to see the difference a low-traffic neighbourhood can make


Watch the video here.

Are the streets where you live seeing more and more through traffic, especially in the morning rush hour? This is happening when non-local drivers take a short cut through a residential area to get from a major road on one side to the big route on the other. This is happening more and more as motorists used devices like Google Maps and Waze to tell them what is the quickest, least congested route to take.

London residents are paying the price – small children do not walk or cycle to school as safely as before; air quality gets worse; and there’s more congestion for local residents on their neighbourhood roads.

This is why so many people in London are pressing their councils to look for a solution. It’s called Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods. The idea is to prevent non-local motorists being easily able to take a shortcut across a residential neighbourhood from one side to the other.

Stopping this by placing bollards or planters costs little to introduce. Where a Council like Waltham Forest has done it, the benefits to all local residents are amazing.

Watch this three-minute video to see the difference a Low Traffic Neighbourhood can make.

Our page on low-traffic neighbourhoods provides more background and downloadable materials to help make the case for creating safer, happier, healthier local neighbourhoods.

Concerned about the impact on main roads? Read our blog on the issue of traffic displacement and how to look after the main roads alongside local streets.

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