What London Living Streets is doing to improve London’s pedestrian crossings

Currently, we are focussing on:

  • Investigating the 239 Signalised Crossings with no pedestrian facilities: With a view to selecting those where pedestrian facilities really ought to exist. Once these priority locations have been identified, we will press relevant TfL Officers to consider the case for installing pedestrian crossings at these locations on the TLRN roads. Where these priority locations are on roads managed by the Boroughs, we will inform local campaigning groups and encourage them to press their Councils to consider financing installing the pedestrian crossings needed and pressing TfL to do so as promptly as possible.
  • Increasing London political leaders’ awareness of how important pedestrians are in London’s transport mix, and how easily overlooked. Also the key role crossings play in making walking on London’s streets safe and convenient. These politicians include the candidates in the May 2020 London Mayoral elections, as well as London Assembly members, and of course Borough Councillors responsible for transport. We are raising specific issues with the politicians we meet, including the financial resources needed to enable TfL to:
    • Install pedestrian crossing facilities on those signalised junctions where none at present exist and pedestrians need them;
    • Install pedestrian crossing facilities on those arms of a junction where they do not exist but pedestrians need them;
    • Updating the 900 out of date Pelican crossings where the Green Man starts flashing to tell pedestrians to get clear of the carriageway, and simultaneously the Amber traffic lights start flashing and allow the traffic to proceed over the crossing;
    • An accelerated programme of installing Countdown Indicators based on prioritising maximum benefit to pedestrians.
  • London Living Streets worked productively with TfL’s network management teams in 2018 in our Wait Time Pedestrian Experience Survey and we continue to do so. This keeps us informed of the complexities involved in London’s traffic management systems and the new opportunities opened up by technological advances.
  • For the second year running, we have been invited to recommend crossings that need a reduction in wait times for inclusion in TfL’s 2020-21 Review Programme. TfL examines each crossing we recommend. If you want to nominate a crossing, email us on londoncrossings@gmail.com
  • Keeping abreast of new signals developments in London: TfL are now experimenting with crossings set to give pedestrians first priority over road traffic – the reverse if current practice. At these Green Man Authority crossings, the default is for the Green Man to be switched on, allowing pedestrians to proceed immediately when they reach the crossing. Only when sensors detect oncoming vehicles do the signals alter to allow the vehicles to proceed. We will report on this trial in the New Year.

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