We are London Living Streets, volunteers from all boroughs of London, campaigning to transform our streets and public places to create a city that enables and inspires people to walk. We want a city that is open to everyone — not just car users — to enjoy.

Making London a liveable city, a walking city, an inclusive city, a healthy city and a safer city
There has been a huge amount written about the 15-minute city with the emphasis on glamorous city centres in global cities. The reality though is that the 15-minute city is perhaps less likely to find its fullest expression in those city centres where relatively few people live than in our local urban high streets and town centres. Jeremy Leach sets out a case-study that demonstrates how London’s local town centres could become sustainable hubs for their communities.

Walking@tea-time: maps and apps – Online – Monday 16th November at 5pm
Did you know that Apple have approached London Living Streets to talk about algorithms? Our London Footways map has started a discussion and the next meeting of Walking@Tea-time will be exploring the potential of algorithms. In particular, can they capture the human experience of walking?

Footways Map Launched!
You can now rediscover walking in central London using our new Footways map. Produced in partnership with Transport for London and Urban Good, the map is available at a number of central locations and on request via the footways.london website. Read the press release here.

View from the Street: Continuing the Drive to Improve Road Safety in Islington with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
Hokman Wong looks at road safety in Islington and making streets safer with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Announcing Central London Footways: our transport network for London’s Covid-19 recovery

Walking @ Tea-Time – The Pedestrian Pound Revisited – 5:30 pm on Thursday, 9th July, 2020
Join us for a discussion of the latest developments with Stephen Edwards and Anne Faure.

Street Parks for London
Martin Gorst loves the concept of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, but finds their title sounds about as appealing as a low-calorie diet to many of his neighbours. Perhaps you’d rather have a Street Park outside your home?

View from the Street: Less Traffic – More Life
Dido Penny recalls life in one of London’s pioneer low traffic neighbourhoods and looks forward to seeing the benefits as Councils are asked to re-prioritise people over traffic our streets.

View over the square in DeBeavour Town, Hakney

Will Walking stay transport’s ‘poor relation’ in the wake of Covid-19?
Robert Molteno examines the risk that walking may continue to be overlooked as active travel is prioritised.

Walking @ Tea-Time – Online Launch Event Thursday, May 28, 2020 5:00 – 6:15 PM

Walking holds the key for London’s COVID-19 recovery: time for local authorities to act

The View from the Street – Katie Harrison makes a personal plea for living, breathing, streets

Rethinking our streets: urgent policy responses to Covid-19

Part of roadway coned off to give queuing shoppers space in Barnes

Transport for London publishes Strategic Walking Analysis

London Living Streets and Covid-19

Deserted New Bond Street

London Living Streets to host launch of TfL’s Strategic Walking Analysis and Planning for Walking Toolkit

Project update: Fairer Pedestrian Crossings

Conference report: Central London Walking Network

Recent news: Council policies to decarbonise London’s road transport

Recent blog: Introducing the Central London Walking Network

Watch our video to see the difference a low-traffic neighbourhood can make


London boroughs must act now to reduce emissions from transport. Here’s how.


New scorecard reveals gaps in London boroughs’ progress on healthy streets


Recent blog: Evaporating traffic? Impact of low-traffic neighbourhoods on main roads


Blog: London needs a transport revolution, not an electric one



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