Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Expansion – important vote on an amendment to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy – Thursday 17th November

This Thursday’s (17th November) GLA Assembly meeting at City Hall sees an important discussion and vote that will help shape the future of transport in London and could have huge benefits for pedestrians in London in the medium and longer term. In the light of the challenges of toxic air pollution, the climate emergency and traffic congestion, the Mayor of London is proposing a revision to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy as follows:

Proposal 24.1:
The Mayor, through TfL and the boroughs, will seek to address the triple challenges of toxic air pollution, the climate emergency and traffic congestion through road user charging schemes including by expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone London-wide.

London Living Streets believes that this proposal will not only help tackle these three challenges but that it is essential for the Mayor to be able to achieve his target of a 27% fall in traffic volumes (from a 2018 base) by 2030.

Adopting this proposal will have real benefits for people on foot as an expanded ULEZ helps tackle the London’s air pollution crisis and makes walking safer and a more attractive choice. In the longer term, road user charging can help transform London from the point of view of those on foot offering the space to create streets for people and reducing the numbers of pedestrians who are killed and injured on our roads.

Ahead of the debate and Q&A with the Mayor of London and the Deputy Mayor for Transport on 17th November, London Living Streets has written to every Assembly Member urging them to support the proposal.

Read our letter to the Assembly Members here

The agendas and full details of the meeting can be found here:


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