Buggies_HEADERLondon Living Streets wants walking to be at the heart of how Londoners get around. We want high streets, town centres and neighbourhoods in inner and outer London to be safer, have better air quality and offer attractive public spaces that welcome those on foot.

Find out about some of our ongoing campaigns.

Central London Walking Network: Londoners love walking. The popularity of the Thames Path and the South Bank show this. London Living Streets is proposing a Central London Walking Network that connects London’s main railway stations, parks, museums and iconic destinations. We have presented our proposal to London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner and Transport for London who are They are excited by the proposal and considering it seriously. Read more here

20’s Plenty for London. This campaign, run with 20’s Plenty For Us, is for 20mph speed limits on all residential and urban roads. Lower vehicle speeds reduce road casualties, encourage more people to walk and cycle and make neighbourhoods quieter, cleaner and more liveable places. Most of Inner London is making this transition but more work is needed in outer London boroughs and on stretches of the bigger, more dangerous roads managed by Transport for London. Read more here

Vision Zero: The Vision Zero approach to road safety is defined by the principle that no loss of life or serious injury is acceptable. The road system must protect people at every turn. The Mayor of London has pledged a Vision Zero approach and aims for all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions to be eliminated from London’s streets by 2041. London Living Streets has made detailed proposals for its adoption in London and will continue to campaign for the accelerated introduction of the measures. Read more here

Low-traffic liveable neighbourhoods Life in residential neighbourhoods in London is often ruined by rat-running motor vehicles driving at dangerous speeds. London Living Streets campaigns for liveable neighbourhoods where vehicles, apart from those used by local residents, are largely kept to the main roads on the periphery. We also assist boroughs in making high-quality bids for Transport for London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods programme. Read more here.

Parklets and Pocket Parks London Living Streets wants to turn streets into places where people can stop to rest and play as well as move through. We ask for greener streets with more trees and plants that make more pleasant environments and combat pollution and global warming. As part of this, we persuade borough councils to create pocket parks and make it possible for local residents to create ‘parklets’ or miniature parks using car-parking spaces on streets. Here is an excellent example of a pocket park proposal by London Living Street’s David Irwin. Read more about parklets here. 

Pedestrian-friendly crossings and junctions A high proportion of collisions that injure or kill pedestrians take place on or near crossings and junctions. People also want to wait less at crossings, they want more time to cross and they want to walk straight across big roads. London Living Streets constantly presses Transport for London and the boroughs to consider pedestrians more seriously when re-engineering dangerous junctions and installing crossings. We have produced detailed guidelines as to what pedestrians require. More coming soon.

Find out what’s going on in local boroughs here


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