Online Event: Monday 26th April – Walking @ Tea-Time with Mário Alves and John Crosk

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Monday 26th April at 5pm

The hope is that, as we emerge from the pandemic, our high streets will return to the bustling places they were.  But beneath the bustle an intense competition is taking place for access and space: walking, shopping, eating and drinking, parking, loading, sitting etc.

We’re deliberately seeking two distinct perspectives on this issue in order to illuminate it:

  • Mário Alves is Secretary-General of the International Federation of Pedestrians and a long-time advocate of providing good facilities for walkers.  Mário will draw on work he’s doing as part of the Horizon-2020 MORE project as well as his broader experience.
  • John Crosk has been involved with Brewery Distribution for over 40 years.  These days he is Vice Chairman of The Brewery Logistics Group (responsible for over 75% of London beer deliveries) and manages the Central London Freight Quality Partnership, which brings together London boroughs and freight operators.

Between them, our speakers know a lot about the subject under discussion and we look forward to a stimulating discussion, perhaps even a bit of a debate?

Walking@Tea-Time is a joint initiative of
London Living Streets and the Active Travel Academy at University of Westminster

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Online Event – London Mayoral Environment Debate – New Date: Wednesday April 21st at 7.00 pm

Monday 12 April 7.00 pm – 9.00pm

Your chance to quiz the London mayoral candidates on environmental matters.
Our Friends at CPRE have organised an online debate for Mayoral candidates to forward their policies on nature, climate and our streets to London’s voters. If you want to cut air pollution, transform our streets, make walking easier, improve road crossings and end pedestrian deaths and injuries this is your chance to ask the next Mayor for them.  It is being organised as part of the More Natural Capital campaign we have been working on as part of a coalition of environmental groups.

To attend, please register through this link:… Photo credit: David Venni

Online Event – Walking and cycling to and from railway stations – New date: Wednesday 16 June 2021 – 18:00 to 19:30

Getting to a railway station can be difficult. The railway line itself can act as a barrier, severing a community in half with limited connections including dingy tunnels, or poorly maintained and badly lit footbridges. The streets that link to the station are often heavily trafficked, polluted and unattractive. Station forecourts are generally designed around the needs of taxis rather than passengers.

This free event hosted by Urban Design Group and London Living Streets looks at best practice in providing inclusive access to railway stations, aiming to provide passengers travelling on foot, by bicycle or bus, safe, comfortable, attractive and direct routes, that will help to make railway use a first choice over the use of a car.

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Walking@Tea-time – Reimagining (or transforming) our streets – Barcelona & London – with Silvia Casorrán and Brenda Puech

Monday 22nd February at 5 pm

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Once London’s residential streets were places to walk, linger and play. Over the last century too many have become roads to drive through and park cars. This is changing.  While some low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) have existed for decades, they have sprung up more recently first in Walthamstow and, in the last year, in many, especially inner, London boroughs. Having removed the through traffic, the next question is what should be done to create a greater sense of place so that people of all ages once again linger, chat and play. Children have been driven off the streets; do changes need to be made to bring them back?  Walking@Tea-time will be exploring these issues, looking at how they have been addressed in Barcelona and the plans for a London-wide campaign, and what can be achieved.

David Harrison, London Living Streets, and transport historian, will briefly explore the history of London’s streets.

Our two main speakers who will assist us with our enquiries are: 

Sílvia Casorrán, who works with the Superblocks Office in Barcelona City Council. Since July 2019 she has been the mobility councillor for Sant Martí District in Barcelona.  Since 2003 she has been actively involved as an activist for the Association for the Promotion of Public Transport, for the Poblenou Neighbors Association, and for the Poblenou Superblock Association. 

Brenda Puech, Hackney Living Streets and parklets activist, will talk about a new grassroots London-wide parklets campaign that seeks to transform London’s streets, making applying for a community spot, or cafe spill-out space along our streets, as easy as obtaining a car parking permit.

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