Join London Living Streets to launch TfL Strategic Walking Analysis and Planning for Walking Toolkit

St Martin’s Lane in London.

It is clear that the benefits of walking are huge. Walking as part of regular travel is the best way to stay healthy. Switching from motorised travel to walking reduces road danger, air pollution and noise. If more people walk and consequently fewer drive, the result is streets and neighbourhoods that are more pleasant and connected communities. 

The Mayor of London has set an ambitious target for more than 80 per cent of journeys to be made by walking, cycling and public transport by 2041. To help encourage this behavioural shift Transport for London (TfL) will shortly publish three new documents to help planners, developers and public health officers identify the ‘near market’ for more active travel, as well as analysis and tools for planning and delivering investment in walking. 

London Living Streets is delighted to host the launch of these publicaitons: the Strategic Walking Analysis, Planning for Walking Toolkit, and the Strategic Active People Analysis.

Please join us at this event to hear from TfL staff and the Mayor’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman, who will deliver thoughts on why these reports are crucial for making a walkable city.

The first half of the session will provide more depth on the Strategic Walking Analysis (SWA) and Planning for Walking Toolkit (PfWT) and the second half will focus on the Strategic Active People Analysis. Attendees are free to choose to attend the whole event, or specific sessions. Space is limited, so we cannot accept any more than two attendees per organisation. 

Book tickets here.


14.30 Welcome and refreshments

14.45 Opening address from London Living Streets 

14.55 Keynote speech: Will Norman, Walking & Cycling Commissioner 

15.05 Strategic Walking Analysis: Seema Kaler, Strategy Planner, Transport for London

15:20 Planning for Walking Toolkit: Gordon Webster, Technical Specialist, Transport Planner

15.35 Break 

15.50 Workshop – case study using the SWA and PfWT 

16.20 Feedback from workshop

16.30 Strategic Active People Analysis: Chris Billington, Public Health Specialist, Transport for London & Rachel Buck, Transport Planner, Transport for London

16:45 Table discussions about application of Strategic Active People Analysis

17.00 Event close

Image: Flickr, Garry Knight

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