Pavements under threat in Islington for benefit of motorists

IslingtonEV_lowresIslington Council is consulting on proposals for new electric vehicle charging points. Most of these are proposed to be on the pavement to the detriment of pedestrians and especially those with visual impairments, wheelchair users, and parents and carers pushing buggies. As ever, motorists seem to come first, despite the council’s frequent references to pedestrian priority.

Deadline for consultations on 19 new charge points closes on 12 July 2019. Respond here.  

London Living Streets has argued that there should be a hierarchy of locations: off street first; then in a build-out on the road; and finally and in the last resort on the pavement.

London Living Street’s EV Infrastructure Checklist is available here

The Mayor’s EV Infrastructure Delivery Plan also considers how EV charge points can reduce their “streetscape impact” by being installed on the carriageway or off street in “residential hubs”.

Islington has subverted the hierarchy, filling our streets with Source London chargers which have a bright light and make an irritating noise.  Amazingly, the Council will more or less install a charging point on demand: ‘We will do our best to install charging points where there is known demand but it not always possible due to technical constraints,”  the Council states. But technology is changing all the time, which means residents of the borough will be left with redundant chargers littering the pavements for decades.

Electric Vehicles are presented by the car industry as the ‘green option’, but they still produce dangerous levels of particulates, congestion, endanger the lives of pedestrians, encourage the obesity epidemic and dominate our streets. Parents will not want their children to walk and cycle to school while these conditions continue.

If only walking and cycling schemes were rolled out as quickly.


Join a tour of parklets in Islington and Hackney

ParkletBwayJoin a cycle round pioneering parklets in Islington and Hackney as part of London’s National Park City festival on Wednesday July 21st 2019.

Be inspired by what can be done in just the space taken up by one car; somewhere to sit, chat, think, enjoy a coffee or admire a tiny piece of paradise in our crowded urban environment. Talk to the creators to find out more. Bring cakes to share!

Where will you YOU create your own parklet?

Book your place on Eventbrite here.

More about London Living Street’s ground-breaking parklet campaign is here.

(Children welcome but please only with a responsible adult.)

London needs a transport revolution, not an electric one

By Emma Griffin, vice-chair, London Living Streets

EV_pavementLast week, the Mayor of London’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce set out its plans to expand London’s electric vehicle charging network.

Unfortunately the Delivery Plan’s main focus is the automotive industry, or “initiatives to remove barriers and improve the conditions for accelerating investment” and growth in the EV sector.  Continue reading “London needs a transport revolution, not an electric one”

Will the next Mayor of London commit to per-mile road user charging?


Something important has just happened. On April 29, London’s think tank, the Centre for London, launched the first ever, detailed proposal on why and how road user charging should be introduced in London. Read its excellent report here: Green Light: Next Generation Road User Charging for a Healthier, more Liveable London Continue reading “Will the next Mayor of London commit to per-mile road user charging?”