London Local Elections 2022 – London Living Streets Vision

If you are keen to get involved in the local elections that are coming up on 5th May, London Living Streets has put together a vision that sets out how the Councillors that are elected can help make the borough they live in and London overall a great place to walk.

We are asking candidates to embrace policies that enable people to walk by improving the opportunities and experience for all abilities and ages to use our streets without fear of vehicle danger. Please do discuss these issues with Councillor candidates and let us know who is up for this kind of change.

The Vision is based around 5 main themes:

1. Clear footways.

2. Reducing the dominance and volumes of motor traffic on our streets.

3. Environments that enable walking.

4. Safe, frequent access across roads.

5. Pedestrianising key locations.

Please do download our Vision document here

If you would like it to see it as a quick 2 pager please just click here

Any queries please do get in touch with us at:

How active travel and especially walking could be improved in one London borough – Bromley. Download here