Councils promise a more liveable London

Orford_Road_Flickr_MartinDeutschMore than half of council leaders in London pledged to create a high-quality “Liveable Neighbourhood” in the run-up to the local elections on 3rd May.

Members and supporters from London Cycling Campaign, London Living Streets and Living Streets asked main party leaders in all London boroughs to support a Liveable London.

By pledging to do so, party leaders demonstrated an ambition to access TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhood programme, that provides grants of between £1m and £10m for schemes that reduce car trips, improve residents’ health and local air quality.

Both organisations have heralded the success of the campaign, with the results announced so far meaning that:

  • 55% of newly elected borough leaders have committed to a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhood;
  • Seven boroughs have cross-party support for a high-quality Liveable Neighbourhood;
  • and 54% of boroughs currently without funding for a Liveable Neighbourhood have committed to submitting a high-quality bid over the course of this term.

London Cycling Campaign and London Living Streets are looking forward to working with all newly-elected council leaders across London. Together we can build places where the air is cleaner, children can roam and walk or cycle to school, there are relaxing places to sit and relax, and everyone can walk and cycle safely and happily.

Ashok Sinha, Chief Executive of LCC said:

We’re delighted that so many council leaders have pledged to undertake transformational projects to make their boroughs more liveable, by reducing motor traffic and/or introducing protected cycle lanes. This will not only make walking and cycling a safe and enjoyable choice for everyday journeys, but will help clean up the air their residents breathe and make it easier for everyone lead healthier lives.

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets said:

Cities around the world are nowadays competing on liveability. We want to see liveable neighbourhoods right across London where everyone can walk and cycle safely and happily. We look forward to working with boroughs across London to transform the city together and make it a truly world-class city to live in.

You can see a full break down of pledges by borough here:

Essential briefing documents on low-traffic liveable neighbourhoods from LCC and London Living Streets are also available here:

Main image: Flickr, Martin Deutsch 

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