Flower power: Chelsea’s streets come alive in bloom

by Colin J Davis, of Streetscapes.online and author of Streetscapes: how to design and deliver great streets


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Our campaign is for healthier, happier and more livable streets. What could be more uplifting than the splendid displays of flowers in, on and around the shop fronts of Chelsea during the week of the flower show?

Picking up the theme of love, emphasised at the royal wedding at Windsor the previous weekend, the Chelsea in Bloom displays were very individual but with firm coordination.

How can this (obviously commercial) enthusiasm be replicated across London? One way is to help people to work together. An independent trader or a store manager perhaps needs to be introduced to a local gardening group.

People love flowers but might not be too knowledgeable about how to grow them. This could lead to local people being even more involved in improving to their own streets.

A new book — Streetscapes by Colin Davis — produced with the cooperation of Living Streets may also help. It brings together all the elements of successful streets including systems to reduce the impact of traffic, encourage walking and help make streets more enjoyable. It is available at Amazon for £15.

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