Deadlines approach for London borough transport consultations: respond now!


The deadline for a number of transport consultations is approaching and we urge you to respond. Some are fantastic and really need our support. Remember motoring groups will be responding in numbers to block improvements for pedestrians.

The most pressing deadlines are for:

Oxford Street District. Closes this Sunday, 16 December 2018

Access here: Oxford Street District Consultation for the Draft Place Strategy and Delivery Plan.

There are some good ideas for creating beautiful streets, improving squares and prioritising pedestrians. But if the area is to be improved, much more needs to be done to reduce traffic and parking across the district.

Measures such as low-traffic neighbourhoods, road-user charging and zero emission zones would lead to a true transformation of the Oxford Street district.

Camden Transport Strategy. Closes on Monday 17 December 2018 

Access here: Draft Camden Transport Strategy

If you have little time, spend just two minutes to strongly support the proposals.

Main image: Megan Trace, Flickr

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