Living Streets Walking Summit

The Living Streets annual Walking Summit was a huge success with lively discussion and inspirational presentations from speakers including:

  • Chris Boardman, former cycling world champion and Greater Manchester’s first walking and cycling commissioner;
  • Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner;
  • Pascal Smet, minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region for Mobility and Public Works;
  • Lucy Saunders, developer of the Healthy Streets approach;
  • Lynda Addison OBE, Chair CIHT Sustainable Transport panel
  • and London Living Streets’ Brenda Puech and David Harrison.

Recordings of the main sessions are available on the Living Streets website. More material will follow.

Draft National Planning Policy Framework endorses walking

This week Prime Minister, Theresa May, launched the new National Planning Policy Framework. The main focus is housing, but there is a welcome mention of active travel.

Paragraph 105 states that, forthwith, planning policies should “minimise the number and length of journeys needed for employment, shopping, leisure, education and other activities” and “provide for high-quality walking and cycling networks and supporting facilities such as cycle parking – drawing on Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans”.

However, there are concerns that strategic plans could be weaker on health and wellbeing, and on adherence to the provisions of the Climate Act 2008.

You have until May 10 to respond.

Street myths and misconceptions

pexels-photo-892228.jpegNot everyone agrees that walking, cycling or public transport are the best way to get around London. Here we tackle some common myths and misconceptions about streets, traffic and public space that are preventing people looking beyond the automobile to see a more democratic, open and liveable version of urban life.

Click on the myths below and comment in order to contribute to the discussion. Let us know about more myths that need debunking.

Author: Emma Griffin, Hackney resident, writer and London Living Streets campaigner