Street myths and misconceptions

pexels-photo-892228.jpegNot everyone agrees that walking, cycling or public transport are the best way to get around London. Here we tackle some common myths and misconceptions about streets, traffic and public space that are preventing people looking beyond the automobile to see a more democratic, open and liveable version of urban life.

Click on the myths below and comment in order to contribute to the discussion. Let us know about more myths that need debunking.

Author: Emma Griffin, Hackney resident, writer and London Living Streets campaigner  

6 Replies to “Street myths and misconceptions”

  1. Congratulations to everyone at London Living Streets on this new website. Really helpful to kick off with a blog about the common misconceptions some people have about what our streets are for. The information on the site will also be most helpful to campaigners raising the profile of what Londoners on foot need on our streets


  2. Hello LLS. I wish to comment on the quality of your website, which I most interesting and informative. The blog touches on many aspects of street quality and active travel. Very much appreciated as a contribution to raising expectations in London about the quality of our public spaces. TGB Wandsworth Friends of the Earth group Coordinator


  3. We live near Heathrow Airport. We don’t own a car. We get around London and the suburbs by public transport. I certainly wouldn’t want to drive in Central London. It’s too slow and frustrating. Easier to hop on bus or Underground, and relax with a book or some music. Sometimes we’ll take a cab. If we need to get out of town, and go somewhere the trains or buses don’t go, we can rent a car.


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